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Get all 3 books at once, and save $6, plus get free shipping!


If you're curious or you already know you vibe with the Paradise Realm content, if you want an extra copy to gift to a friend, or you just like an smart deal—bundling is a great idea.


Remember the Paradise Realm: A Creative Spellbook for Modern Mystics

The first transmission, a book of nature-based art and journal prompts to guide you into your desires and the purity of your 5D, nature-connected consciousness.


Return to the Paradise Realm

A whimsical manifesto of text and black & white illustrations, written for the innocent and child-like soul. 


The Sensual Earth: Living in the Paradise Realm

Both grounded and mystical, these are written transmissions from the ancestors, the plants, and the eternal Garden. Insights on how to live, everyday, in the Paradise Realm.

Save with the Three-Book Bundle

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