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Nourishing the Spirit in Native California

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

What got me most about this podcast was when she said that by not tending the landscape as originally instructed, we are leaving the landscape messy. Like not picking up dirty things around the house. A disrespect to our world and to Creator. Listen, she speaks it better.

Dive deep into agroecology and the Native plant wisdom of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) Keeper and medical herbalist Sage LaPena (Nomtipom Wintu).

Practical Tools of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)

Sage’s teachings demonstrate the power of applied Indigenous environmental education, the importance of Native peoples as agroecologists and biocultural restorationists, and the spiritual ecology of relationships between human, plant, and planetary health.

Sage reveals the life cycles and unique characteristics of these beautiful Native plant relatives, along with the high-TEK tools used to gather with, such as digging sticks and baskets. Additionally, we learn about traditional fire management and cultural burning and California Indian tribes historical and contemporary use of fire as a land-care practice.

Listen to Podcast Here

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