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Guided Journaling to REMEMBER What You Already Know In Your Bones

Did you know I have a Patreon now? Yes!

Join the Paradise Realm for a unique guided journaling course through the book Remember the Paradise Realm. It is, after all, a Creative Spellbook for Modern Mystics.

The REMEMBER program takes you through each journal prompt with informative videos and PDFs of pages from the book. If you'd like deeper guidance on this journaling journey, and some creative inspiration and innovation, this program is made for you.

You can do it with the Creative Spellbook (available here) or with your own notebook. This program will take you on a journey through your desires, what you're leaving behind, and spark your imagination about what it means to be home, envisioning your auric field, and re-connecting with your childlike, innocent self. Yes! The part of yourself that is full of wonder and imagination, and connected to the 5D.

Join me on Patreon with either the REMEMBER program for journaling, or Paradise Principles, where I am regularly adding content about the essence of the Paradise Realm: your own inner space for rewilding, connecting more deeply with nature, and expressing your truest, most natural self.

Remember what lives deeply in your bones. Check out the Patreon today.

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